Magdalena Fiałkowska

Accredited Coach ICF (PCC)

Accredited coach at PCC level of international organization International Coach Federation. She finished her postgraduate studies – coaching – at Bogdan Jański College in Warsaw (Szkoła Wyższa im. Bogdana Jańskiego). She has taken part in many lectures and trainings concerning coaching, psychology and soft skills. She was gaining her experience in an international company (HR department).

Magdalena is a co-owner of the company Mały Geniusz It is a project regarding innovative children teaching in Poland, basing on creative and empirical education in disciplines like: economy, public performance, directing, first aid, experiments, etc.

Magdalena graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa), where she studied Human Resource Management. During her studies she was gaining knowledge concerning soft skills, coaching, motivation and human resources. At that time she was conducting her first trainings in soft skills and performance. As a member of the board she is dealing with recruitment, trainings, employ branding and PR.

Since her childhood she has been performing on stage. Magdalena was a student of National Music School of the First Degree (cello class) and National Music School of the Second Degree (Jazz Music Department – faculty of jazz vocal) in Szczecin. She was the first Pole singing and dancing in Cuban musical “Conoce mi Cuba.” She also performs in samba group “Sambado.”

For many years Magdalena has been in pedagogy. Thanks to pedagogical activities she learned how to spread knowledge and find the best way to reach people. She finished the training of the first degree in mediation organized by Polish Mediation Centre (Polskie Centrum Mediacji). Magdalena is empathic, optimistic and creative. She believes deeply in human potential. She is interested in psychographology and surrealistic painting.



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Performance coaching

I provide the first training on performance coaching in Poland, which is directed to all public performers.
I have been in music since I was ten. I know exactly how stressful it is to do a public performance. I was a student of a Music School of the First Degree (cello class) and Jazz Music Department of the National Music School of the Second Degree (jazz vocal). I have been singing and playing on many concerts, festivals and workshops. Since 2013, as the only Pole, I have been playing in the first Polish musical about Cuba. For many years I have been doing my best to control the stage fright. As I have experience and know exactly what public performance is, I can choose the most appropriate coaching tools and methods, which will influence your self-development. Thanks to my business and music experience, I can easily lead you through the process of changes to help you achieve your goal.