Business coaching

for You or Your business.

What is business coaching?

It is a form of support of regular employees, medium- and top-level managers. During sessions customers are working on their work effectiveness, interpersonal communication, style of management, negotiation skills, assertiveness, etc. Results of coaching are visible in increase in work effectiveness.

Why is it worth to choose me for a coach?

Business coaching with management of medium and large companies and corporations in the following industries : IT, law, building industry, marketing, and medium-level employees in an IT company.

Co-owner and director of HR in Fenomeno sp. Z o.o. Seasonally I manage the team of 100 people. I deal with coaching of employees, trainings and recruitment. Moreover, I coordinate activity of my team.

Training activities in: time management, interpersonal communication, public performance, recruitment, self-confidence and creation of image.

Work in international corporation and experience in HR.

More about me here.

Is it worth to invest in business coaching?

According to PriceWaterHouseCoopers research conducted in 64 countries:


  • 80% customers felt improvement in efficiency, communication skills, soft skills and relationships
  • 96,2% customers would like to have coaching one more time
  • 82,7% of respondents were very satisfied with coaching
  • Rate of return in case of individual customers was 3,44
  • Rate of return in companies was 86%


Improvement of work efficiency

Time management

Team building

Sales increase

Public performance

Human Resources


Improvement of intrinsic motivation and team motivation skills

Improvement of managing skills

Emergency management

Support for these who as regular employees have been promoted to managers

Dealing with stress and trying to keep calm

Improvement of negotiation skills

Work-life balance

Employees outplacement

Development of interpersonal communication skills