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Do you want to change something in your life? Less motivation? You don’t know how to achieve your goal? You have never time for anything? Do you want your dreams to come true?

Performance Coaching

The first in Poland performance coaching for people who perform in public – actors, presenters, musicians, managers, lawyers, performers.


Soft skills workshops i.e. time management, communication, autopresentation and public speaking, negotiation and recruitment.


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Customers opinion

Magda helped me to prepare for my TEDx speech. We worked on ways of presenting as well as meritorical content so as to performance had flow and kept audience attention at the required level. As a result of Magdas comments I knew what to focus on, how to handle stress, how to manage time and how to control my voice and emotions. I recommend performance coaching to anyone who wants to develop their public speaking.

Magda, TEDx Speaker

I had a pleasure to take part in Magda’s training within the scope of the project “Genialny Mówca” (“Brilliant Speaker”) at Warsaw School of Economics. The training concerned the problem of self-development. I must admit that I was surprised how it was carried out! I hadn’t expected that…but it occurred that it was exactly what I had needed! Magda showed me tools and methods, thanks to which I will be working on self-development at home. Even though the training lasted about three hours, it provided me with work on me for three months. I hope I will have a chance to take part in Magda’s training once again in the future.

Natalia, student

Magda showed me plenty of exercises for diction, public speaking skills and giving presentations. She quickly recognised my level and offered me the most effective exercises to help me better defend my arguments and presentation abilities.

Izabela, Innovation Associate

During performance coaching session I learnt how to manage my time during my public performance, overcome my stage fright, and briefly explain information. I could always count on honest feedback. Magda provided me with good conditions to work in without any stress. Thanks to coaching I could improve my hard skills, however, the session made me also think how to develop my competence on my own. Results of coaching are visible both in a courtroom and in contact with customers.

Michał, solicitor

I have a very demanding job, I have my own business and interests, like dog scootering, cycling and dance. I felt lost and I couldn’t reconcile all activities and duties. Because of many obligations I couldn’t make anything and I felt exhausted. Thanks to meetings with Magda, I could better systematize my actions, set priorities and find time for relax. Magda helped me plan and manage my time. I recommend her as a coach!

Marek, bikejoring world Champion

Ms Magdalena Fiałkowska led workshops on „Public speaking and building self-confidence on the stage” for 2 groups of PDH students at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Kazimierz Dolny, at a scientific conference. During the workshops the host presented techniques of how to deal with stress, critics, how to build self-confidence and interact with an audience. The training session was interactive and Ms Magdalena Fiałkowska was involved, enthusiastic and open to the needs of participants. A variety of exercises and dynamic made the participants interact with each other and the feel a comfortable during the meeting. Leader presented knowledge in clear and visual way. The content learned was evaluated as really useful and also easy to assimilate. With full certainty we can recommend Magdalena Fiałkowska as a professional and involved soft skills coach.

Magdalena Król, Associate Professor at Warsaw University of Life Sciences

When I started sessions with Magda, I had been already a technician. Then I had already known what I wanted but I thought that there were always some difficulties. Magda showed me what, as it turned out, I had always known but I hadn’t been sure how easy it was. I achieved the goal, and I am moving towards the next one. Thanks, Magda!

Rafał, technical manager

During our sessions Magda gave me feeling of safety and showed me respect, and flexibility. Tools provided by her are creative and flexible. Even though Magda is interesting and charismatic person (what you can state after you know her better, and by her looks and behaviour ), she does not “eclipse” the customer. Her energy stimulates you to take actions.

Kamila, sales manager


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