Performance Coaching

The first performance coaching in Poland dedicated to public performers.

Have you ever lost your voice on stage?

Are you exposed to constant critique and evaluation?

Do you experience “burnout” and think that you don’t create any valuable and original artistic pieces?

You don’t want to stay in the crowd?

Do you want to overcome your stress and stage fright?

Do you want to overcome your fear of being evaluated?

Are you wondering how to combine candour and sensitivity on stage with isolation from negative reviews?


The first performance coaching in Poland dedicated to public performers – actors, presenters, managers, barristers, etc..


people working in music industry, theatre, film, graphics, painters, dancers and for those preferring other forms of expression

instrumentalists, composers, arrangers

actors, directors

people performing in public – managers, lawyers

people evaluated by the others and criticized

vocalists, in case of whom stress and emotions determine singing quality

people who feel that they need to find an artistic form of expression


learn how to perform in public without any fear of evaluation and opinions

get rid of barriers, which “block” you from expressing yourself fully on stage

develop you artistic talents

find your own idea how to differentiate yourself from the crowd

develop your creativity and innovation

discover your mission as an artist

learn how to convey your emotions, so that they reach the audience

achieve your aim, which you have always wanted to gain but something has always stood on your way

develop your unique skills and personality

make your self-development possible, which will be visible in artistic performance


I have been in music since I was ten. I know exactly how stressful it is to do a public performance. I was a student of a Music School of the First Degree (cello class) and Jazz Music Department of the National Music School of the Second Degree (jazz vocal). I have been singing and playing on many concerts, festivals and workshops. Since 2013, as the only Pole, I have been playing in the first Polish musical about Cuba. For many years I have been doing my best to control stage fright. As I have experience and know exactly what public performance is, I can choose the most appropriate coaching tools and methods, which will influence your self-development. Thanks to my business and music experience, I can easily lead you through the process of changes to help you achieve your goal.