Stages of Coaching

…what the process looks like.


  • AIM

  • PLAN



Stage 1 – Meeting

How can you be sure that I am a perfect coach for you? You can cast aside your doubts during our first meeting – contract session, during which we both decide if we want to work together. The contract session is free and lasts about 90 minutes. During the meeting we get to know each other, discuss conditions of our work, your aim and set the rules. Then we sign the “contract”, in which we set the conditions of our cooperation. I do not give coaching sessions in all subjects, therefore, if I consider that another coach would be better for you, I will recommend you another person.

Stage 2 – Aim

“If you don’t know where you go, you will not reach your destination.” It is very important in coaching to identify your goal. It helps you define your aims, aspirations and dreams which you want to become true. When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you can start acting. You can read more about your aim here.

Stage 3 – Plan

“How can I achieve my goal? How can I reach a desired destination? That is why, you make a plan – you can achieve success. The best solution is a step-by-step approach. Thanks to it you see results – one after another, which motivate you to take action and finally achieve your aim.

Stage 4 – Journey

“Even the longest journey starts with a small step.” After defining your aim and plan you need to act. Basing on your knowledge, you start executing your plan. Sometimes you will have to leave your own comfort zone, but you will feel great pleasure and satisfaction achieving your goal. Everyone climbs their own Mount Everest in accordance with their own values and possibilities.

Stage 5 – Success

Sit down in a comfortable position. Imagine that your dream has just come true. Something, what you were waiting for, something you were lacking in or you were dreaming about, has been fulfilled. Do you want to make your dream come true? Contact me. It will be pleasure for me to help you achieve your goal.