Magda Fiałkowska coaching wystąpień publicznych
Magda helped me to prepare for my TEDx speech. We worked on ways of presenting as well as meritorical content so as to performance had flow and kept audience attention at the required level. As a result of Magdas comments I knew what to focus on, how to handle stress, how to manage time and how to control my voice and emotions. I recommend performance coaching to anyone who wants to develop their public speaking.

Magda, TEDx Speaker

Magda Fiałkowska coach opinie warszawa
Magda showed me plenty of exercises for diction, public speaking skills and giving presentations. She quickly recognised my level and offered me the most effective exercises to help me better defend my arguments and presentation abilities.

Izabela, Innovation Associate

Kamil Tedx speaker opinia coach
I wholeheartedly recommend Magdalena Fiałkowska as a public speaking coach. Our cooperation consisted in preparing my performance during TEDx Warsaw. Magda showed professionalism in training of movements, pronunciation and refine the expression. She is great in communication, she can listen and help to solve client problems thanks to which she can easily adjust the training strategies to a specific person in order to achieve the set goals.

Kamil Muzyka, Tedx speaker, PhD student of legal sciences, researcher of technique

During performance coaching session I learnt how to manage my time during my public performance, overcome my stage fright, and briefly explain information. I could always count on honest feedback. Magda provided me with good conditions to work in without any stress. Thanks to coaching I could improve my hard skills, however, the session made me also think how to develop my competence on my own. Results of coaching are visible both in a courtroom and in contact with customers.

Michał, solicitor

Ms Magdalena Fiałkowska led workshops on „Public speaking and building self-confidence on the stage” for 2 groups of PDH students at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Kazimierz Dolny, at a scientific conference. During the workshops the host presented techniques of how to deal with stress, critics, how to build self-confidence and interact with an audience. The training session was interactive and Ms Magdalena Fiałkowska was involved, enthusiastic and open to the needs of participants. A variety of exercises and dynamic made the participants interact with each other and the feel a comfortable during the meeting. Leader presented knowledge in clear and visual way. The content learned was evaluated as really useful and also easy to assimilate. With full certainty we can recommend Magdalena Fiałkowska as a professional and involved soft skills coach.

Magdalena Król, Associate Professor at Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Magdalena Fiałkowska held the „Building self-confidence, working on the stage and internal critic” project at the Warsaw School of Economics during the „The Genius Speaker” project. During the workshop, the lecturer showed us many useful techniques and methods of dealing with stage fright and its effects, criticism, internal fears and building self-confidence. Magdalena presented her knowledge in a clear way. The participants were satisfied and assessed the training as very useful, for everyday life and in public speeches. We are extremely grateful to Magda for her time in preparing a great workshop. We can certainly recommend Magda as an excellent soft skills trainer and public speeking.

SKN of Acceleration at SGH

My journey with Magda has been going on for more than one year. I appreciate freedom of choice and the chance to meet together over a long time period without the pressure of a specific plan and regular schedule. In my case it gave me space for reflection and to make decisions in my own time. I overcame my fear of making difficult decisions. The result of this is was that I moved out to Denmark where I live with my partner and I work in different industry. I learned how to connect my life and business aims and this was challenging for me. It opened me up for new perspectives and other way of thinking. If I have a hard decision to make, I use Magda’s tools very often. I know that when I’m on the edge I can find a solution. Her honesty, inquisitiveness and understanding of other people, her way of thinking and empathy are features which distinguish Magda from other coaching specialists.

Kamila, Associate Project Manager

When I started talking with Magda, I was afraid of what was going to happen, because it was a new coaching experience for me. Shortly afterwards I knew that I had met an amazing, warm and intelligent person who know what she was doing. Magda can get the best out of a person and direct your confused thoughts in a way that you know what you want to achieve. I think that she is a super coach, reliable worthy of praise and she can find help for everyone. I still have in my mind her positive attitude and that she was smiling from ear to ear during our conversations. I strongly recommend her as a coach! 😊

Aleksandra, teacher

Magda Fiałkowska coaching opinie
During every meeting Magdalena showed her vast knowledge and experience. Her liveness openness and warmth was on display at every moment and she always acted like a professional. All the tools she used during our cooperation helped me through the whole process. After each session I was in some way changed and focused on being active. I sincerely recommend Magda because of her skills and who she is, trustworthy and open.

Ewelina, psychologist

Magda excellently showed a pill of self-confidence and many practical hacks about the art of public speaking, during the workshops which I attended at the beginning of September. Since this time, I have wanted nothing more than practice it 😊 I wish anyone who is looking for a competent, charismatic and full of passionate coach to meet you, Magda. I have a strong feeling that we will meet again and I can’t wait for it. I’m sending you sincere greeting!

Hania, PHD of WMW UWM in Olsztyn

Magda showed me (despite a little prejudice) that coaching can make sense. Her meritorical advice and questions helped me to get my head around a few important topics connected with my job. This has already achieved some results. What’s more, Magda is really nice, funny and sociable person. Time passed by with her too quickly.

Magda, social activist

Impossible doesn’t exist! I had this feeling for a long time but when I started working with Magda, I became sure of this belief. Magda made me realise how much time I waste on tasks which are not important, that I can achieve more using simple solutions and where I can delegate a lot of tasks. Suddenly every duty seems to be simpler, I’ve started to find more space for the most important things. I’m surprised because I mastered control of my PC and now there is an amazing order and harmony to it. I work faster and more efficiently. I feel calm and more conscious of my goals and know where I want to be in the future.

Milena, promotion of internet fashion brands expert, co-owner of TADAM

Ms Magda is a particular and analytical coach. You can easily talk to her about difficulties in your life and sort them out. We discussed relationships at work, internet haters and ways of spending your free time. Her provocative questions allowed me to see many situations from a different perspective and they help developed. As a result, you can find solutions which were unachievable before. Ms Magda is very flexible and doesn’t put pressure on the client- which is really rare. I sincerely recommend her!

Magda, Head of administration

Magda is able to ask direct questions which allow people to systemise short-term goals, as well as long-term ones which encourages action. On the other hand I asked a lot of questions and Magda always gave me the hints with professionalism and involvement. I used them in developing myself. I hope to talk with her once again soon.

Magda, consultant in corporation, student

Ms Magdalena Fiałkowska was recommended to me as a professional coach by my close friend. During the course of almost one-year, in our weekly meetings about life and business coaching, Ms Fiałkowska presented herself as a highly professional and experienced coach. Her partnership approach allowed me to do a really honest assessment of the situation and discover solutions which I had to deal with in my private and business life. Every meeting was run with the highest standards of ethics and was an effective answer to a lot of challenges because of my business calendar. Based on my personal experience with MF I recommend her as a professional coach who has the ability to connect universal values and human rights with modern solutions which respond to the dynamic needs of the business environment. I’m convinced that life, business and career coaching with Magdalena Fiałkowska helped me to set milestones for the foundations of future self-development. I sincerely recommend her.

Luiza, Risk Country Director

My first experience of coaching services happened with Magda and I am really glad. For a long time, I was into strategic thinking, time management and setting goals. The Sessions helped me to find practical solutions challenges in life and behaviour. Sometime it is difficult to something on your own, because of certain habits and then you require help of a professional. The sessions were perfect tools for self-development and I really appreciated them. I really recommend her.

Ekaterina, lector at university

I have been working with Magda more than half a year. With her strait-to-the-point questions you have to start think on your feet and keep your eyes open. I really appreciate this one hour during the week when I can fully concentrate on solving problems, figuring out what’s next and what I really want to do. It is a great idea for both: business and private life. With Magda’s help and her business experience, my company is developing.

Wojtek, entrepreneur

Ms Magdalena Fiałkowska held a training session for heads of departments and members of the board. The presented approach and offered tools applied both to business land private life, provided us more awareness of our own behaviour and habits. The exercises were simple and easy to implement in life “at least”. Every participant can find something for themselves. Workshops were run in a professional way. The materials were useful also in running company processes.

Techem SA

Coaching sessions with Magda opened me up to different viewpoints. She pointed out my subconscious issues like internal, limiting beliefs. She helped me to deal with them and start accomplishing goals using optimism and belief in success. I am satisfied with our meetings. Magda was always full of compassion and she gave me constructive feedback. Also, she convinced of my positive sides and shown me how to use them. I sincerely recommend her!

Aleksandra, fashion designer

Coaching with Magda is like a talking to yourself- a reflection in the mirror allowing me to ask questions of myself which I had never been asked before. I would normally have been afraid to ask myself in fear of the answer. Due to these meetings I understood what it is really important to me. I created priorities in my life and left back behind things which blocked me for moving forward. Without hesitation I can say that Magda pushed me to accomplish my biggest dream in life. What’s, Magda is not only an excellent coach but also a nice girl to drink lemonade with 😊

Karolina, Marketing specialist

After quitting my job in a corporation, I decided to set up my own company but I got lost in my free time. When you don’t have tasks imposed upon you in advance you have to plan everything on your own to be effective. I take part in time management workshops by Magda, because I wanted to learn how to plan my day and achieve my tasks and I did it! Magda showed me a lot of great time-hacks, and prepared practical exercises which gave me awareness of how to manage my time and plan my duties.

Zuzanna, Owner of Your Day! events by Zu

Ms Magdalena Fiałkowska professionally ran a training session: “Mentoring with elements of coaching methods” for members of Toastmaster Leaders in Warsaw. The workshop involved practical methods, was led in an interesting way which and was customised for the really specific needs of our club. Moreover, Ms Fiałkowska was excellently prepared and created a nice atmosphere, she got on well with the participants and provided comprehensive answers to all questions. I can absolutely recommend Magdalena to anyone who expects practical workshops at the highest level.

Toastmasters, CEO Witold Zielonka

I started my coaching sessions with Magda to improve my time- management abilities. But soon the main topic changed into focus on my real needs. At the beginning I was thinking that something else was important, but it seemed not to be the issues which we talked about are still circling around my head like planets around the Sun. Finally, my motivation has reached a higher level. Thank you sincerely 😊

Marcin, personal trainer

I have a very demanding job, I have my own business and interests, like dog scootering, cycling and dance. I felt lost and I couldn’t reconcile all activities and duties. Because of many obligations I couldn’t make anything and I felt exhausted. Thanks to meetings with Magda, I could better systematize my actions, set priorities and find time for relax. Magda helped me plan and manage my time. I recommend her as a coach!

Marek, bikejoring world Champion

Magda isn’t a coach, who overindulges their customers. You can cry on her shoulder of course, but then you must start acting. She enthuses her customers with good energy, mobilization and discipline. She is supportive, but also demanding. She teaches, but does not make you addicted to her own behaviour techniques. She presents tools and suggests you how you should use them. The most important thing I have learnt is autonomy. Now I know I should not be stuck in difficult situations but I should rather be looking for some solutions. Thanks to Magda I know how to find them.

Katarzyna, PR manager

Do you want to discover the undiscovered? Do you want to change things which are unchangeable? Or maybe be more self-confident and find a way to achieve your own goals, but not other people’s goals? In this situation you need coaching. But if you want to make a really big change in your life, coaching is not enough. You need Magdalena Fiałkowska.

Paweł, legal council

I am really impressed by coaching sessions provided by Magda. The meetings made me make great changes in my life. Magdalena is nice, open, and gives feeling of safety, inspires trust, but is inquiring at the same time, which means that you can see a problem from different perspectives. I recommend Magdalena as a coach.

Magda, HR specialist

Hi. I just wanted you to know that sessions with you have great impact on me. I stop evaluating other people and denying everything. I start concentrating on myself, I think positively or draw conclusions concerning my behaviour. I want to do more and I try to do everything automatically, without wondering if I feel like doing it. Thank you!

Sylwia, fitness club manager

During our sessions Magda gave me feeling of safety and showed me respect, and flexibility. Tools provided by her are creative and flexible. Even though Magda is interesting and charismatic person (what you can state after you know her better, and by her looks and behaviour ), she does not “eclipse” the customer. Her energy stimulates you to take actions.

Kamila, sales manager

I had a pleasure to take part in Magda’s training within the scope of the project “Genialny Mówca” (“Brilliant Speaker”) at Warsaw School of Economics. The training concerned the problem of self-development. I must admit that I was surprised how it was carried out! I hadn’t expected that…but it occurred that it was exactly what I had needed! Magda showed me tools and methods, thanks to which I will be working on self-development at home. Even though the training lasted about three hours, it provided me with work on me for three months. I hope I will have a chance to take part in Magda’s training once again in the future.

Natalia, student